As you might imagine, celebrating National Biscuit Day is a lot of fun. It is your yearly excuse to eat as many biscuits as you like – and to do a spot of baking.
Traditionally biscuits came in particular sizes and shapes. Still, there’s no need to stick with the official format if you don’t want to. Cookies don’t have to be round. If you’ve got some shape cutters at home, put them to good use. You can make cookies in the shape of donkeys, cars, stars, hearts, triangles – whatever you have to hand. And for extra fun, you can cover them in icing sugar.
Prestige has great items for you to use when making your own cookies today. Such as our icing bag to add some delicious sugary icing to your cookie as well as our 6-piece cookie cutters. These cutters are great to use as the shapes are fun and exciting.