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Prestige Flat Grater with Non-Stick Blade

  1. Non-Stick blade.
  2. Anti-slip rubber strip on bottom.
  3. ABS plastic frame for hard wiring.

Prestige Grater with Storage

  1. Stainless steel blades
  2. Ergonomic steel handle
  3. Plastic storage box for ultimate convenience
  4. Dishwasher safe

Prestige Square Grater

  1. Stainless steel blades
  2. Variety of 4 different grated textures.
  3. Steel handle
  4. Sturdy non-slip rubber studs to keep grater from surface

Prestige Square Grater

  1. Four Sided Stainless steel blades
  2. Plastic handle
  3. Not dishwasher safe

Tasty Asian Turner with Grater

Features - 2 in 1 - Turner with a creative grater function - This slightly curved tool is perfect for quick and efficient cooking in a wok - Simply grate nutmeg and other garnishes over your food for a fresh addition - Space saving with hanging hole - Heat resistant up to 220 degrees - Great colour combination of dark blue and grey - Dishwasher safe Dimensions: 8.9(w) x 40.9(l) x 5.6(h) cm